The Historic United Kingdom: Edinburgh and London

This post reviews my experiences and tips for travelling to the historic United Kingdom for the first time. The 10-day trip included visiting the two popular capitals; Edinburgh in Scotland and London in England. Hope you enjoy my photography of this photogenic land while gathering the ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ for your trip.

Sicily, The Island of Italy.

Thanks to a work-related conference, I had an opportunity to visit one of the pearls of Italy. Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands and being there was like experiencing a fantasy world! Its well-kept architecture, history, tradition and scenery are sure to put you in a state of trance. Here’s my take on the first time visit to the east coast of this enchanting island that included the gorgeous town of Taormina, Mt Etna and the island of Ortygia.

India Trip Part 2: Visit to the Desert in Western India: Kutch, Gujarat

We visited the western Gujarat to the District of Kutch. It is the largest district of the country, sharing a border with Pakistan and highlights a lifestyle rich in Indian tradition and culture. This post shares my experiences at this exclusive ground, made of beaches on one end and dessert on the other, temples, elite architecture, art medley of handcrafts and apparel as well as ancient history.

Trip to India- Part 1 Visit to the Himalayan Foot Hills: Shimla and Manali

Travelling to India is an experience of a lifetime. The country offers a world of difference in its culture, heritage, food, places, landscaping, people and hospitality. Moreover, tourism in India is extremely affordable. For everyone living outside of this country, I highly recommend visiting India at least once to witness a part of the globe that is so unusual, diverse and memorable. Hopefully this post will make it easier for you to design and implement on it.

Cancun, Mexico 2017

For all you fans of water and beaches, this post is for you. Traveling to Mexico from the US is very convenient and affordable, allowing for a luxurious and a spectacular trip in a short period of time.

San Francisco/Lake Tahoe: A Spectacular Spring Trip

This post will help you plan a short but very enjoyable and relaxing first-time trip to San Francisco and the nearby Lake Tahoe in California. I made this trip in the peak of the spring season and lets just say that all the snow lovers will love to visit Lake Tahoe this time of the year. So sit back and enjoy the beautiful pictures on this post while it provides you some useful information about these spectacular destinations.

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