Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Big Island: 10-days of Mesmerizing Escape- PART 2 BIG ISLAND

Big Island is similar to Maui yet so very different. Like Maui, it is volcanic, its landscape is covered in lush forests and its beaches are spectacular. However, witnessing the vastness of the lava-land driving across the island was my first and was indeed awe-inspiring. It is the largest and the youngest of all Hawaiian Islands. On this island, you can easily travel through a range of climatic conditions from tropical coasts to the snowy volcanic peaks. It is volcanically the most active island in Hawaii and its diverse topography is sure to leave you humbled and cheered.

Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Big Island: 10-days of Mesmerizing Escape- Part 1 MAUI

What better way to spend a winter break than to visit the Tropical Wonder, that is the State of Hawaii! Ten days of December was blissfully spent at the islands of Maui and Big Island with plenty sunshine, clear blue waters, lush green forests, vast volcanic landscape and splendid mountainous summits. In this post, I have tried my best to summarize my voyage at this versatile destination that offers indefinite things to do.

3-Days in Lassen Volcanic National Park, Northern California.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is California’s biggest surprises. While relatively smaller than other parks, it boasts a wide range of fabulous natural landscape with plethora of activities to pursue. This is a volcanic park where you will find alpine forests, clear lakes, stunning mountainous scenery and water falls; all in one place, while you get a glimpse of remarkable hydrothermal areas, unforgettable volcanoes and outstanding lava beds. It is strange that the park has not received the credit it deserves. Hopefully my post will convince you to pay a visit.

Santa Fe, New Mexico-5 Day Travel During Spring Break

Santa Fe is a town in New Mexico like none other in the entire country of United States. The combination of its culture, history, traditions and scenic landscape truly makes it an exceptional and irreplaceable destination for a versatile vacation. Insides of this post will assist in materializing your trip to this eclectic place of interest.

Winter Vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado

This was a trip made as a thanksgiving weekend getaway for a winter experience. A visit to Breckenridge in Colorado is a great way to live through a variety of winter sports with possibly fresh powder, relatively lower costs and reasonable crowd density. Hoping that my trip will give you a glimpse of the experiences you can have around this historic and stunning town.

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